Log of PHP syntax errors found by the PHP Code Checker

This is a log of the most common mistakes made by PHP programmers, as determined by the errors found during PHP code checks.

This is a rough log and provided simply for the benefit of curiousity.

Note: This does not include data from the "php -l" syntax check.

790763Mismatched number of curly braces {}
673410Mismatched number of parenthesis ()
150349Incorrect syntax for PHP code declaration <?php ?>
125022Mismatched number of square brackets []
70610Use of single equal sign in If expression
56961Missing quotes around string values when defining an array
23526Missing > when defining an array key=>value pair
23516Predefined $_VARIABLES not using proper brackets e.g. $_GET[ ]
17173Missing semicolon (warning, possible false positives)
4740Variable defined with more than one equal sign
1135Mismatched number of comment tags /* */
1084Incorrect Foreach syntax

Logging reset on October 23, 2013 with version 1.8

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