About PHP Code Checker

This site was built out of frustration for silly mistakes. I'd make them and developers I knew that were being paid high 5 figures (2011 dollars) were making them. Many of these mistakes went undetected: an IDE would not catch them either. Thus, I gathered up the most common mistakes I've made, focusing on those mistakes that wouldn't already be found, ensuring the tool would add value for everyone.

Finally, I designed it to be very fast, simple, and powerful. To this day it's been redesigned multiple times to increase usability, accessibility, and performance.

Why is it Free?

It makes no sense to charge for the service; it's about helping out developers so they can keep succeeding in creating great websites and services.

Can I thank you with some cash?

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Created by Mario Lurig

What versions of PHP do you use?

PHP Syntax Check (php -l) used on this site is running version 7.4 or 8.x.